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Sales Agents - Machines and Equipment for the Food Industry ST5097

B&B international Srl
    The Company B&B INTERNATIONAL SRL is searching for Candidates/Partners interested to evaluate proposals to Represent/Purchase the Products/Services/Works from Us specified in the description of the Offer. Ideal candidates works or have worked in this field previously. Essential and OBLIGATORY to be: Sales Agents with VAT, Technical Agents, Brokers, Intermediaries, Distributors, Importing, Purchase Group. Commission based on Sales or in relation to a reserved price list. A)MACHINES AND EQUIPMENT FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY Technical Data Sheet ST5097 Production and Construction Machines and Equipment for the Food field. Ready Meal pasteurized, sterilized and frozen food. Traditional dosing and volumetric for pasta, fruit, etc.. Plants for production of crepes, sushi machines, Mixing, grilling machine for vegetables, emulsifier, homogenizer vacuum. Plants for sandwiches, for amides cookers, cooling lines, filling machines for round chillies, storage tanks, vacuum mixers, production lines of sauces, Maxi Form for rice balls, production lines and cooling for ketchup production.

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