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    AGENTS/DISTRIBUTORS: United Kingdom, Germany, France RV-GENEKS is situated in Slovenske Konjice. It imports and exports hides and skins and last year it began to sell fresh bovine and pig meat. RV-GENEKS is a family business company established in 1970. We will provide all documents according the strict standards of organic farming.Each farmer of organic livestock has a certificate issued by the independent authorized organization, slaughterhouses as well have the cerfiticate and permission to slaughter animals of organic farming. RV-GENEKS wants to sell fresh meat outside the borders of Slovenia. We offer a small quantity of organic meat (approximately 10 animals/week) but mainly we will sell convencional meat. RV-GENEKS is a family running business, which grows year by year and spreads its working areas. With not many employees the company achives high turnover. The company is known in Europe and as well in some other parts of the world. Link: What we are looking for: We expect an agent with min. 5 years experience in meat business. 30 / 40 years old. The candidate has to speak the mother tongue of the country where he will sell our products and english or german to be capable to speak with us. He has to have a driving licence and his own car. What we offer: Territory esclusivity Commissions on sales Please send your CV to

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