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Senior Data Scientist

Michael Page
Contratto a tempo indeterminato
    The company's industry-leading Analytic platform and integration technologies and consulting services enable the world's largest and most Analytically sophisticated enterprises to deploy Logical Data Warehouses that allow them to capture, store, manage, integrate and analyse large volumes of detailed data to understand and improve business performance. The Group Unified Data Architecture (UDA) provides a blueprint and enabling technology solutions that make possible sophisticated, high-performance Analytics at scale on diverse data: from record-oriented, structured ERP data; to complex, multi-structured machine-logs and other non-relational data. Successful candidates willEngage with Account teams and prospective customers to analyse and understand customer requirements; Frame the problem that the customer is attempting to solve, specify an analytical solution to the problem and establish, in conjunction with the other members of the team, that it is feasible to solve this problem, and help to identify the most appropriate Teradata technology; Take the lead in using the solution to drive business benefit for the customer and in quantifying the benefits of the solution and articulating these to the customer; Continue to work with the customer, post-implementation, to enable them to deploy the solution as widely as possible; Document the analytical use-cases - and the benefits that were realized - and share this expert knowledge with the wider, global Teradata, to enable similar solutions to be deployed more widely, thus driving increased levels of business for the Teradata Corporation; Successful candidates mustHave 5 years hands-on experience in the exploitation of data and the use of advanced statistical and modelling techniques to understand and improve business performance in at least one major industry vertical; Be a clear, confident and persuasive communicator, with excellent presentation skills and with the ability to structure a coherent, logical argument and the confidence to defend assumptions, projections and recommendations; Demonstrate a keen interest in, and fair understanding of, big data technology and the business trends that are driving the adoption of this technology; Be proficient in the use of both written and spoken business English; Possess excellent analytical and problem-solving skills; Demonstrate excellent organizational and people skills, including the ability to work independently and appropriately prioritise between competing opportunities. Successful candidates will preferablyHave a background in business and/or technology consulting; Demonstrate a solid understanding of either: Statistics; Mathematical Modelling; or Behavioural Economics, preferably to post-graduate level; Be familiar with both SQL and at least one of the following procedural programming languages: C; C ; C#; Java; Python; Perl; R.
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