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Country Manager Italy - International Car Rental Company

Michael Page
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    Our client is a company dedicated to the car hire sector with over 40 years' experience and offices in the most popular tourist destinations Europe. The Country Manager - Italy will be responsible for: HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENTSelect the Branch Managers for their region. Distribute & explain the Quality Manual to the Branch Managers. Supervise uniformity and ensure correct appearance of all staff within their region. Teach all Branch Managers of their region the Company policy and all duties to be carried out. Hold regular meetings with the Branch Managers of their region. Teach the Branch Managers of their region the company IT system. Attend training courses set by the company. Coordinate all the operational actions of the branches of their region. Supervise the staff of their region. Make frequent visits to the branches of their region. MANAGEMENT OF EQUIPMENTMonitor the condition, appearance and maintenance of the facilities. Locate new premises, garages etc, within their region and that could be beneficial to the company for a new opening. Supervise any kind of building work associated with the remodelling of the office or any repairs that need to be made to the offices or garages, as well as obtaining corresponding estimates. Look after and maintain the branches of their region as well as the Company corporate image. MANAGEMENT OF OBJECTIVESControl the compliance of Quality and Customer Service. Achieve the annual objectives set by the Company. Promote and achieve the correct performance of the operational Quality system of their region, as well as its distribution among all staff. Active participation for the achievement of the Quality System. COMUNICATIONNotify any suggestions for the improvement of the day-to-day operation of their region and for the Company in general. These must be notified directly to the Operations Manager. Transmit to the Branch Managers of their area any information forwarded by the Operations Manager, CEO or Heads of Department. Send biweekly reports to the Operations Manager with the most important events of their area. Attend the monthly meetings marked by the Operations Manager. SALESFollow up of all services sold by the branches of their area. Follow up or daily contact and review with the suppliers of all services. Maintain good relations ships ant attend meetings set out by the airports authorities of their region. The ideal candidate would have had:Excellent university degree from a leading global educational institution, and preferably a Masters, MBA or PhD PLANIFICATION AND ORGANIZATIONAbility to set objectives and priorities when undertaking a task, develop an area or a project agreeing on the action, deadlines and resources to be used. MOTIVATION AND COMMITMENTAttitude & enthusiasm to confront the day-to-day job duties and the commitment to fulfil the objectives by following the guidelines set out for Customer Service. COMUNICATIONAbility to listen, understand and transmit information and ideas in a clear and precise way, and to have a positive impact on the interlocutor. ATTENTION ON DETAILAbility to pay attention to other aspects that can offer a different relevance to work in a particular manner / checking. WORK IN A TEAMAbility to work with other people to achieve a common goal, with a shared work method, and to form a relationship of interdependence whilst maintaining the interests of the team first above individual goals. COMMERCIAL DIRECTIONDisposition and ability to recognize the work environment and the internal procedures to be able to offer the best choices to satisfy the needs of our customers and of the business. Foreign languages: - Fluent in Italian and English; another language is highly recommended; Spanish could represent a plus.
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